Our management team has over 40 years combined experience exporting reclaimed clothing to over fifteen countries worldwide. From Japan, Europe, Africa, South and Central America we understand the markets that import secondhand clothing from the United States.

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What happens to all the textiles collected by Bay State Textile Inc,

Bay State Textile Inc exports half of its collections to developing countries. There is a healthy demand for used clothing and shoes from the United States all over the world. These textiles primarily are reused as clothing and shoes providing thousands of jobs for small entrepreneurs, their families, and employees. They grade, repair, wholesale, and retail this product in local marketplaces. Used clothing and shoes are a vital commodity for economies all over the world in terms of economic development and an inexpensive alternative from new clothing for many people that live off of $1 per day.
Bay State Textile Inc also has a customer base in the United States. Our customers are called “graders”. These graders sort the clothing, shoes, and household linens into 50 plus categories or grades. Approximately 50% of the material is packed for export as used clothing. The second grade, the wiper grade consists of material that is absorbent. Items that have heavy cotton content. Flannel, T shirts, towels, denim, they are all cut into wiping rags and resold to companies through the United States that need wipers to keep their plant and equipment clean. The last grade is called fiber material. This grade is shipped to fiber mills and ground down and made into new material. Consumers see this material in items such as carpet padding, insulation, and high tech building material like Trex.